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मेरी वास्तविक पहचान का निर्माण | Creating My Reality

Sister Aruna highlights that our every thought and every word carries energy. What we say after "I AM ___" shapes our destiny. Words like “I am stressed” or “I am worried” create that reality. When we say “I am love”, we experience and radiate our quality of love. Speaker: Sister Aruna Ladva, Kuwait Author, Speaker and Meditation Teacher

शुभ भावना की शक्ति | The Power of Good Wishes, No Matter What

How do we cultivate good wishes for all... no matter what? Is holding onto past experiences affecting our relationships?

ForThe Love of our Mother | A Meditative Journey into Nature

Contributing to Sacred People, Sacred Earth: A Multi-Faith Global Day of Action Brahma Kumaris UK in collaboration with Faith for the Climate will offer an hour's online meditation with visuals and silent reflective spaces.

Opening Our Eyes to Anger | Finding More Peace & Love in Our Life

Some would say that there's more of an excuse to be angry in this day and age than ever before. Perhaps we are surrounded by irritations that stem from spending much more time with loved ones and their idiosyncrasies, and the frustrations of change, uncertainties and other happenings in the world. Join the creator of the Goodbye To Anger course, John McConnel in an interview on the causes and effects of anger and what we can do to make our relationships more peaceful and loving. You can ask your questions too! But what would happen if we open our eyes to the realities of anger and choose other ways to respond? This event launches the brand new ON DEMAND element of our website. Here you’ll be able to guide yourself through the Goodbye to Anger, Irritation and Frustration life changer COURSE in your own time, at your own pace.

Banish The Lockdown Blues

Spiritual Tips and Tools To Help You Through With facilitator: John McConnel, meditation teacher, stress management trainer and author of 'Breaking Through The Darkness: how to defeat depression, anxiety and stress - a spiritual perspective'.

Tower of Strength | A Reflective and Experiential Hour

January is a sacred month for us all - a time to refresh inner and outer selves. This event looks at the life of an incredible individual, Brahma Baba, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris and why what he went through and the spiritual tools he used are as relevant to use today as they were 80 years ago.