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 Brahma Kumaris Websites

UK Website
Find out about our activities throughout the UK
International Website
Overflowing with ideas, tools and more resources on meditation and Raja Yoga.



A Spiritual Perspective
42 short videos with Sister Jayanti
Online Bookshop
Browse for inspirational books, music, posters, gifts and more…
Blog: Spirituality in Action
By Ken O'Donnell. A more sensitive approach to troubled times. Making spirituality a real part of our everyday work & lives.
Talk Show: Awakening
A TV talk show that has helped people overcome mental stress, low feelings, dependencies, low self-esteem and unhappy relationships
Talk Show: Release your Wings
Snippets from a televised program designed to spiritually uplift, nourish and enlighten those who would rather soar than survive.
Audio Talks
Download & be inspired by recent personal development talks at the Global Retreat Centre.
Raja Yoga TV is a web-based television programme bringing deep spiritual concepts to life in everyday situations.



Practical Meditation Course
Part 1 The Foundation and Part 2 Meditation in Action
Online Meditation Course
A free 7 lesson course in Meditation suitable for anyone wanting to try meditation for the first time and also for regular meditators
Meditation Music
Radio Eyesee is a streaming music player of soft meditation music by the late Matthew Stephenson, a former musician and resident of the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, UK.
Beezone App
For anyone who needs a break from all that doing and to enjoy just 'being' for a little while.
Guided Meditations: just-a-minute
Relax in just 1 minute. Guided Meditations, easy tools and tested tips to support the practice of taking one-minute meditation breaks during the day
Guided Meditations: Meditation Lounge
Get calm and go positive. Audio meditations to uplift your mood anytime, anywhere.


 Daily Life

Yum Yum Yogi - Vegetarian Cooking
Learn to cook with love by watching these 5-minute cooking demonstrations. Delicious & easy to make recipes. Learn how to meditate while cooking.
Meditation Lounge App for IOS
Audio meditations | Armchair wisdom videos | Thought for the day | Anywhere, Anytime – get calm and go positive
Meditation Lounge App for Android
Audio meditations | Armchair wisdom videos | Thought for the day | Anywhere, Anytime – get calm and go positive
The A-Z Challenge
Change just ONE habit a week.
Shift negative habits alphabetically.


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