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Global Co-operation House

Global Co-operation House is the London home of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, serving as its national co-ordinating office. After moving from humble beginnings in two damp small rooms in Kilburn, to larger dwellings in Willesden and a community centre in Neasden, finally the BKWSU UK was able to achieve a purpose built facility, completed in 1991. This enabled us to develop a wider range of activities to bring spirituality and Raja Yoga meditation to various sectors of the community. The house has become a familiar landmark in the area, offering a place of calm in a hectic world.   The house quickly became a focal point of the international Brahma Kumaris community and has attracted visitors from most of the 110 countries where we have activities, making it truly a house of global co-operation.   In fact the house itself was built with the voluntary financial contributions of students and teachers from all over the world.  From the abundance of murals and artwork, to the exhibition spaces, to the musical and written offerings in the bookshop, there are constant ever-present reminders of the important place that Global Co-operation House holds within the international community. 

Due to ever expanding activities, Diamond House was added in 2003 extending the conference and teaching facilities and various co-ordinating offices. Everyone is welcome to our regular meditation classes, courses, as well as special events.  The popular new quiet room is open all day for those seeking space to meditate and recharge themselves. 

In addition to continuing to offer the regular Raja Yoga Meditation Courses, from it's opening the House has hosted an eclectic range of events and activities aimed at bringing a message of peace, spirituality, and mutual respect to the wider community. These have included:

In the 1990’s:

  • Launch of the Year of Inter-religious Understanding and Co-operation
  • National Conference - Living Values
  • The Caribbean Experience – cultural event for members of the Caribbean Community
  • The Celtic Experience
  • A celebration of Human Dignity in Prison in support of national prisoners week (a Christian Ecumenical initiative).

Through from the 1990’s into the 21stcentury:

  • Booked out yearly Christmas Shows , including Alice’s Adventures, Wondariya , A Christmas Carol, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Snow White, Aladdin, Jack and the Beanstalk and many more!
  • International Women’s Day Annual Celebrations
  • Meditation laboratories
  • Spirit of Coaching series
  • Vegetarian Cookery demonstrations
  • Empowering Young People in the 21st Century
  • Beyond Addiction and Dependency Programmes
  • Spiritual perspective on the Environment events
  • A spiritual perspective on Death & Dying Janki Foundation events
  • Celebrating Black History Month
  • Supporting Just This Day (taking moments of silence) Initiative
  • Celebrating National Interfaith Week annually
  • Celebrations of India festivals of Rakshabandan, Shiv Ratri, Janmastami, and Diwali