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Most of us associate freedom with doing and having what we want, when we want. But when we no longer have external freedom, sometimes the only free choice we have left is to experience ’being’ what we want. Over identifying with our character - our race, gender, relationships, roles, etc makes us feel locked-down or locked-up!  But when the character’s door closes, the freedom of the inner being, the actor, calls us to walk through the door of soul consciousness into the ultimate and only true freedom.

Speaker: Minal Patel has been exposed to the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris since the age of 5. Having grown up around yogis and people practising Raja Yoga meditation, you can imagine the effect that has on a person. He began his own focused spiritual journey somewhere between the ages of 16 and 18 - he’s not quite sure… Professionally he works as an actor and singer. Minal also supports and runs events and retreats for the BK’s. He describes his experience of raja yoga and soul consciousness as ‘Life Giving’. It is a discovery of inner power and how to use it, of being able to choose how he thinks and feels on a regular basis and a realising that nourishing our own hearts and minds gives others the power to do the same in ways that nothing else can. 
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