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The Essence of Gita for Challenging Times

गीता का सार - आज की विपरीत परिस्थितियों में 

आज की  विपरीत परिस्थितियों का सामना कैसे करे ?

उलझने और दुविधा से भरे मन को सहज विधि से कैसे शांत करे ?
Tune in to listen to Sister Usha Naik and understand how the ancient and universal teachings of the Bhagwad Gita can provide :
• solutions to everyday challenges we all face in the world of today
• simple techniques to calm our worried and racing minds

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Sister Usha Naik has researched the great epics of India including the Bhagwad Gita, and has assimilated her understanding of these with the wisdom she has gained from studying and teaching Raja Yoga Meditation. Sister Usha has been practising Raja Yoga since 1974. Currently based at the HQ of the Brahma Kumaris, in Mount Abu, India, she is a highly respected author, TV personality and spiritual counsellor.

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