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A Spiritual Toolkit for when Life gets Tough - A four-part series.
In today's world of unexpected changes and challenges with opposing forces and agendas threatening to take over our headspace, we may find that our old defences and coping mechanisms are no longer adequate or helpful. To remain stable, positive and effective in all situations we need to reclaim and exercise our inherent spiritual powers.
The Power to Accommodate is to be open to the ideas, actions and presence of other people whilst staying true to my authentic self. How many can I find room for in my house and in my heart? Accepting and adapting to circumstances and making the most of what I have is a practical application of accommodation.
Speaker: Veronica McHugh
Veronica lovingly known as Waddy, has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga meditation for over 40 years. Born and brought up in Ireland, she came across the Brahma Kumaris in London and later moved to the United States to establish teaching centres in Florida. Currently based in Miami, Waddy coordinates the Brahma Kumaris work throughout the State. She is also on the organizing committee of Images and Voices of Hope, an international conversation on the social impact of public images and stories.
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