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When the spirit is dry, we can become brittle and bitter and barren. In a world that competes for our mental focus, it’s easy to neglect the spirit. So how can we make sure our spirits are hydrated so that everything flows easily and we can feel fully alive.
Speaker: Judi Rich
Judi formally began her spiritual journey in 1992, when she discovered a Brahma Kumaris Center in her hometown of Calgary. Through the study of Raja Yoga, a spiritual practice, Judi feels she has not only found the answers she sought, but re-awakened a capacity we all have for deep contentment, peace and inner stability.
In addition to currently serving as the Centre Coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris Center in Calgary, Judi works as a graphic designer and fitness instructor. Although it may seem that the activity of fitness, and the silence of contemplation are incompatible, she has found they actually create a sense of well-being when integrated.
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