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Spring is here and it’s time for a spring clean. Most life-coaches recommend clearing out cupboards and simplifying our diet, finances and daily timetable as the first step towards change. However, sometimes the clutter is not just on a physical level; we can be carrying mental and emotional clutter as well. 
Join Mel Bain to learn how to lighten our lives inside and out, and create the inner space to just be?
Speaker: Melanie Bain
Melanie creates a space of safety and freedom in which to tap into one's own beauty and potential, she integrates this with a depth of wisdom and humour, making her approachable and accessible. Her ability to think outside the box brings a fresh perspective to spiritual truths and their practical relevance in everyday living. Melanie has worked in the criminal justice system, healthcare sector and currently works alongside Social Care with young people and their families and during this time has been learning, practising and teaching Raja Yoga meditation for 16 years.


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