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शुभ संकल्पों से सुखमय संसार - Happy World Through Elevated Thoughts
Is it possible to experience happiness in our daily life no matter what?
Our thoughts determine how we feel about life. Thoughts are the most important tools for our inner world. These two beautiful statements in Hindi explain this:
•  संकल्प से सिद्धि  - Our thoughts create our reality.
•  संकल्प से सृष्टि  - Our world (home, family, workplace) is a manifestation of our thoughts.
Internalising this truth helps us to choose what to think, radiate, and manifest.
Let us create thoughts of faith, power, and peace as affirmations that energise us.
Sister Charu elaborates how our elevated thoughts can alter our world.
Speaker : Sister Charu - London

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