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‘Madhuban’ (meaning forest of honey) in Mount Abu is the international headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris.
A living social laboratory and a largely self-sufficient community, Madhuban is a place in which a large international family of practicing yogis come every year. When one steps inside the holy precincts of Madhuban, one can feel a spiritual energy that gives an experience of peace and inner joy not to be found anywhere else.
Speaker: Brother Ravi, Resident of Madhuban
Brother Ravi takes care of The Universal Peace Hall, also known as Om Shanti Bhawan, the main auditorium in Madhuban. An attractive, free-spanning structure, the hall seats 3,000 people and has facilities for simultaneous translation in 16 languages. Opened in 1983, the hall has been the venue of major international conferences and is visited by more than 8,000 tourists daily.
This evening we will hear Brother Ravi’s experiences of being in Madhuban, such a sacred place.

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