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Tired of Being Tired
Living in a world of fake food, pollution, soul draining social media, and demands from every direction, it’s not surprising that many of us are experiencing constant tiredness. However, just as a lotus thrives in mud, individuals who have connected with their true selves and their higher purpose, can live in this same world, yet be inspired, enthused and energised from a place that coffee can never take us!   How can we let go of habits that drain us, and tap into the sources that restore our inner and outer energy?
Speaker: Lotta Arbman 
Mostly based in Stockholm, Lotta is the National Coordinator for Brahma Kumaris in Sweden. At heart, Lotta is an inquisitive dreamer with an artistic background in illustration  and painting. For some 13 years, Lotta has been able to combine her creative flair with her administrative skills as Secretary to the Spirit of Humanity Forum. The Forum is a platform for leaders to discover new and innovative ways to move forward, based on deep human values.

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