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Acceptance – a Means to Move Forward
Life today is stimulating to live through for some, but can bring anxiety and stress for others. So often people don’t know how or where to go to access support when such situations arise. Challenges can feel insurmountable, especially if a person is also experiencing mental health issues. Time and space are crucial to recovery, but are there some particular mental attitudes and practices that can really help?  Acceptance is a crucial factor in recovery for many people. 
Join our panel for a three way conversation, on managing mental health against a background of spiritual practice. Dr Kala Mistry, who has been practising Raja Yoga    meditation and working in mental health since 1992, will be exploring some perspectives and solutions with Meena Haeems, a mother, sharing from her own life and work experience and Elaine Horne, a retired mental health nurse and psychotherapist.

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