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Travelling Light
The traveller with a small bundle over their shoulder is an image many of us savour. We often long for lightness, which we lose through inner and external complications, carrying burdens of the past and future in our heads and hearts. To be able to live in the moment, responding wholeheartedly to people and situations in front of us, treading lightly on the earth and trusting in the good that lies before us - all these are keys to travelling light.
Join us for a special encounter with a ‘light traveller’ and learn the secrets of ‘travelling light’.
Rekha Vallishayee has been a keen meditator since her teens. Thirty years on, her love for silence and her gentle, compassionate nature bring a stability, clarity and calm that is very evident in her presence, responses and relationships. Originally from India, Rekha is now based at the Brahma Kumaris UK co-ordinating office in London where she is a key member of the IT team and helps to co-ordinate Tamil service. 

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