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सच्चा प्यार - दिल से दिल की बातचीत : True Love - a Heart to Heart Conversation
Valentine’s Day Special
A Sweet Conversation between Sisters Alka and Jagruti Patel 
Love has many forms.  The most sweetest is that of a kindred spirit, a companion, one who knows all your ways and means.  All you need to do is sit a certain way, or just sigh, or tilt your head, and they know what is going on inside.  Sometimes, you don’t need to speak a word and they arrive on your doorstep at just the right time.   
Sisterly love is special, it is a love of friendship, kinship and unconditional love even when we might be mad at each other. It is a love that stands true, through thick and thin, it is a special bond, golden and real.
Join us in a sweet conversation between sisters Alka and Jagruti Patel. Who are not only sisters, but are also spiritual sisters.  

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