While celebrating the birth of Shri Krishna with great joy and devotion, we are also given the chance to unearth the beauty from other aspects of his life. Hidden within the story of the Mahabharat, an ancient Indian epic, are the profound and practical teachings of the Gita.
Join us for an insightful evening of splendour, spiritual wisdom and moments of meditation.
An evening with Sister Sudesh, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris.
Sister Sudesh is an outstanding speaker, teacher and broadcaster. She has travelled in over 80 countries, speaking on human development, meditation and the creative potential of the mind. A gifted storyteller, she has a lively sense of humour and a loving, generous nature. Currently based in Germany, Sister Sudesh is European Director of the Brahma Kumaris.
The programme will be in Hindi with English and Tamil translation.


There are currently no planned dates.