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Trust - The Cornerstone of Life
We all want to be trusted and to trust others. Trust takes time to build but is easily shaken. It is the basis of successful relationships and agreements - in both a personal and organisational context. Most of us build trust by accumulating evidence of trustworthiness, and in daily interactions, this would seem sensible. However, on a different level, there exists a kind of trust which has its roots in an eternal knowing that all is well.
Wendy Farrington is a member of the national coordinating team for the Brahma Kumaris in Italy and an experienced and widely known speaker and teacher. Born in the UK in 1941, Wendy embarked on a very varied and colourful career which included being a member of the Olympic ski team for Great Britain, a dancer and choreographer in Rome, Las Vegas and Canada and even training and presenting a dolphin show in Paris. After coming across the Brahma Kumaris in Paris in 1982, Wendy went on to open the first Brahma Kumaris centre in Rome in 1984, where she is still based.

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