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क्रोध के अनेक रूपों का अन्वेषण : Exploring the Many Forms of Anger
“One of the unhealthiest emotions is our old friend anger. It has been connected with cancer, and it destroys our ability to think clearly.” -Yogesh Sharda 
Anger is undoubtedly an unwanted friend. We are triggered when we don’t want to. It shows up as frustration or irritation. We use it to defend ourselves when we feel fear or feel anxious. We use it when we are overwhelmed, stressed, or nervous.  It is a feeling, an emotion that is actually not normal.  But the world has normalised.  It does more damage than good. We know we should not, yet we do.
Let’s learn what the many forms of anger are and how to let go of this unhelpful friend.
Speaker : Yogesh Sharda, Turkey

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