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Where Does Yoga Meet Life?
Is there a link between Yoga for the body and yoga for the mind… How can it support us through these times?
A conversation between Award winning author, yoga teacher and transformation coach Smita Joshi and experienced Raja Yoga Meditation teacher Jaymini Patel.
In honour of the International Day of Yoga 2024.
Smita Joshi is an award-winning author, yoga teacher and a Transformation coach. She’s the author of the Amazon bestseller the Karma and Diamonds trilogy. Inspired by real events from her own life, “Karma & Diamonds” follows a young woman’s gripping journey of Self-discovery across continents and lifetimes as she struggles to conquer life’s challenges. Turning her painful past (karma), including influences from her past lives, into her treasure (diamonds), the story illustrates how trapped we are by our past but also how to break free and create a fresh future free from that past. The books pivot around the power of listening to your inner voice and creating serendipity for leading a fulfilling life.
Prior to writing the trilogy, Smita worked internationally in a business career spanning 25 years, working with Technology giants and start-ups. She was a pioneer in bringing Indian IT services to the UK and Europe, working with the CEOs of large corporations and global banks, her largest deal being $1billion.
As a TV presenter and for her YouTube channel, The Self Discovery Channel – Smita has interviewed leading politicians, entrepreneurs, and global gurus. She also creates videos on topics of Self discovery, personal development, emotional and spiritual intelligence.
Smita has produced over 30 guided meditations, some of which are available on Insight Timer, Spotify and Apple.
Sister Jaymini Patel is an experienced meditator and spiritual teacher who is at ease in any company. She continues to bring a generous dynamism as Director of Publications at Brahma Kumaris Information Services. Being a communications and marketing leader, she has been able to take the work of the Brahma Kumaris into a wider community both in the UK and abroad. Her life is one of simplicity yet of total dedication to the highest ideals and she exudes happiness.
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This is an IN-HOUSE event taking place at Global Co-operation House, 65-69 Pound Lane, Willesden Green, London NW10 2HH


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